Bone of contention


And on the issue which provided the spark for the latest in the series of extensive
blood-letting between the two communities, our case is clear and straightforward.
Modakeke submitted a memorandum for a separate Local Government to be
created from Ife North Local Government Area. Announcing the creation of a
new Local Governments, the Federal Government said Ife east was carved out of
Ife North Local Government Area. Decree No.36 of November 18, 1996
published in the Federal Government Gazette No.72, Volume 83, 1996 and
Decree No.7 of March 2, 1997 published in the Federal Government Gazette
No.7 Volume 84, 1997 remain as imperishable evidence of this fact. The two
gazettes clearly list Ife East with Modakeke as headquarters. How did this
change? some influence peddlers moved inn to carry out extensive gerrymandering thus
altering what the Mbanefo Panel had recommended and what the Government had
approved. This unwholesome interference and manipulation reversed the gains
of the past 20 years by balkanizing Modakeke and merging a large part of Ife with
most of Modakeke to bring about a political and sociological incongruity.
The manipulation detached Modakeke from its adjoining villages and transferred
one of its Wards to Ife Central Local Government Area. it is common knowledge
that the federal constituency has since 1989 under General Babangida become
coterminous with the Local Government Area. Modakeke has been in Ife
North Local government Area since 1989. As Modakeke requested, Ife North
was split into two before we saw a spanner in the works. How did seven
Constituencies in Ife Central Constituency/Local Government Area get merged
with Modakeke which belonged to another Federal Constancy? It is all part of
the grand design of feudal hegemonists to continue to trample on Modakeke
politically. In 1989, Oba Sijuwade unsuccessfully pressured ex-president Babangida to group, Modakeke and Ife together in one Local Government Area and set
aside the
policy of basing the creation of Local Governments on existing Federal Constituencies.
Through he grace of God he failed to lure government into what would have
amounted to a policy of inconsistency. Also, the 1976 guidelines on a Local Government Reforms which were enshrined in the 1979 Constitution and incorporated
in the Dazzle report on Local Government said inter alis that creation of new Local Government Areas should be based on:
( i ) Common interest of the community area
( ii ) Traditional association of the various components of the community or
area being grouped together.
It is very glaring that we have nothing in common with the Ifes. Our chief value
is work while theirs is pleasure. Our Association with them for secen generations
has not been symbolic. It has been brutally parasitical. It has been blood today
and tears tommorow. We are baffled that rational human being can insist that
blood and tears must continue to flow. We say enough is enough.
We again, appeal to the Federal Government in the interest of lasting peace:
( a ) to implement what it has approved and gazetted, i.e. that Ife North be
split into two (without any foreign body ) with Modakeke as its
( b ) to cancel the attempted gerrymandering by agents of anarchy seeking to
balkinise Modakeke community and bring about a union of apparent
( c ) to order Ife Central Local Government to quit the Secretariat on Ibadan
Road because it is outside its territory.





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