While the Ifes have been shifting positions as part of their stratagems to conceal
the truth, we have been consistent on our stand against cheating, deceit and
oppression. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “ You can deceive some of the
people all of the time. You can deceive all of the people some of the time. But
you cannot deceive all of the people all of the time.” They have for long been
camouflaging their pernicious objectives. Now they are getting to their wits end
and are beginning to be seen in their true colors. They can no longer disguise
their dubious intentions. They have eventually come out with their charter of
demands: They want to be collecting royalties on the products of other people’s
labour. They want to appoint an Ifeman ass traditional ruler of Modakeke. They
don’t want Modakeke to have its own identity– they want to trample it under their
feet. They want Modakeke balkanise so that they can monopolise all political
positions and opportunities. They want a return to feudalism in the Federal
Republic in which fundamental freedoms are entrenched in a written Constitution.
This diabolical tendency is not new in them. The only novelty about it is its
manifestation in its stark enormity. They have always demonstrated an incredible
penchant for constituting a virulent opposition to whatever is designed to bring
progress. • They were opposed to the Local Government Reforms in 1976
• They kicked against the Land Use Decree of 1978
• When Modakeke embarked on efforts to build their first Secondary School, Ifes
petitioned against it. When the Anglican Mission wanted to raise the status of the Anglican Church in Modakeke the Ifes protested vehemently.
• When the Modakekes came together to raise money for some self-help projects,
Oba Sijuwade sent Policemen to disrupt the gathering.
The Water Reservoir to supply water to the two communities was being
constructed Modakeke. They protested and it was shifted to Ife against expert
advice and economic sense. Water supply to the two communities has
consequently been very erratic. This list is inexhaustible. It is simply their way of life to rise against progress. They see life solely from the prism of
feudal existence.
In spite of the fact that our forefathers conquered and sent their forefathers into
exile, we never said they are not entitled to citizenship rights. Even though our
forefathers sold their forefathers into slavery we have never allowed it to
influence our conduct. We are aware that slavery belongs to a distant past while feudalism belongs to a forgotten age. We are aware that technology has
reduced the world to a compact village in which citizenship of nations gets changed with relative
ease. We know that attachment to land on which nothing has been invested is an

index of primitively and mental underdevelopment. We have for long been nursing the hope that the Ifes would learn and turn a new
leaf but the ferocity with which they have continued to pursue their primitive
objective has been rising instead of diminishing. They are a community that
fanatically believes that another community has no right to exist where is has
been for seven generations.
Our appeal to the government and the public is that the issue be addressed from
the right perspective. Most of the comments and observations have been begging
the question. Some of the calls for reconciliation sound rather hollow. In a
situation in which one insists on subjugating the other what type of reconciliation
do you arrive at? Indeed, what is there to reconcile? The Modakekes are fighting
for self-determination. We simply want to be left alone
to rule ourselves in our separate Local Government Area. We are not seeking to
rule a single Ifeman. On the other hand, the Ifes insist that Modakekes must be
their and serfs. So, what is there to negotiate — The process of enslavement and
terms of servitude ? We appeal to Press to focus on the crisis from the right
perspective so that this shameful attempt at bringing about regress into feudalism
can be halted. We equally appeal to the government to act decisively to
terminate this frivolous pursuit can embarrass the country in the comity of Nations.
That there can be no peace without justice is a universal axiom.
All we are asking for is our own Modakeke Local Government Area made up of
Modakeke township and its adjoining villages viz:
MODAKEKE WARD I : Part of Modakeke Township, Akala, Afijagba and
MODAKEKE WARD II: Part of Modakeke Township.
MODAKEKE WARD III: Part of Modakeke Township, Ajebamidele, Fasina
and Awosun.
FAMIA WARD IV: Famia Township, Alaba-meta, Ayankunle,
Fagbenro, Doya , Baale, Idi-Iroko, Oku-Omoni, Apena,
Apana, Gorogoro, Oyo Onikeke, Salako, Elegudugbe,
Alagba, Ajiboye, Obalejugbe, Aba Ode, Arileyansi,
Olookun, Fagunwa, Balle-Sango, Ogundijo,
Rogborogbo, Asabi, Kola Otun Akala, Adekumi,
Ata Mogaji, Dare, Kinkinyiun, Isaleye, Jatina, Egba
OYERE WARD I Agidi, Akingbade, Idita, Onibambu, Onipasan, Oyo
Toro, Walode, Wanisanni, Akire, Aba Obalara, Aba
Ogbegunmo, Idi Oro, Loogun, Ilare Oogun, Idiroko,
Ladapo, Idi Seke, Iyekere, Famikun, Ilabami,
OYERE WARD II Amukegun, Dagbolu, Dairo, Owosunmomi, Aba
Salami, Aba Kendere, Aba Osunremi, Aba Dejo,
Baba Egbe, Kilibi I and II, Atowo I and II, Agboro,
Asujo, Aniwe, Farm Settlement, Oyere Kereja, Aba
Tiamiju, Obeyin, Fadehan, Isanlu, Womonle Apata
Oloto, Alapata, Aborisade.
We are fighting for fundamental freedoms entrenched the various Constitutions
of Independent Nigeria. The Ifes are hell-bent on establishing a fiefdom in
defiance of the Law of the land. We are struggling for the basic citizenship right
of equality before the Law. The Ifes insist on fighting to the last man to keep us
subjugated perpetually. We say we are Oyos and not Ifes. They retort that we are
not entitled to our own identity. We believe they should live and we should live.
Their options are that we are either serfs or we cease to exist. They want a regress
into the barbaric practices and privileges of the past through the estblishment of a
feudal enclave. What we want is what is taken for granted elsewhere in Nigeria
and the civilised world – the right to direct our own affairs through the creation of
a Modakeke Local Government Area.
This is our case.
This is our plight.
This is our stand.
We are confident that truth and justice will eventually reign supreme.
The Mbanefo Panel on States’ and Local Governments’ Creation recommended a
separate Local Government for us as requested.
The Federal Government – Vide Decree No.36 of November 18, 1996 published
in the Federal Government Gazette No.72 Vol.83, 1996 and Decree No.7 of March
2, 1997 published in the Federal Government Gazette No.7 Vol.84, 1997 -
approved the recommendation and created for us Ife East Local Government Area
carved out of Ife North Local Government Area. Influence peddlers then stepped in to muddle the waters. They would rather put guns in the hand of youths than
provide them job opportunities. They have no vision on how to lift their decaying community the
dumps. Their only project is: “Modakeke must not exist.” They are never
involved in anything positive and honourable. They are enemies of progress and disguised enemies of the nation.
We appeal to the government to slam its door on their face so that the rest of us
can move forward. The laws have been made and Gazetted. Our request is that they be implemented in our case as done in other cases.

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