Inhospitality and Ingratitude by the Ifes?


 Inhospitality and Ingratidue  by the Ifes  (


When the Oyos (later Modakekes) started arriving in Ile-Ife in 1834 they did not have the intention of establishing a separate settlement. They lived among
the Ifes, did menial jobs for them, brought prosperity to them through abundant agricultural harvests (which Ife never had before) and helped them to fight
their wars and secure their boundaries. But they soon became envious of the growing relevance and influence of the enterprising Oyos. They went to the extent
of kidnapping Oyo children and sacrificing them to their gods. They eventually forced them out of their midst. Where then is the hospitality that they always
claim they showed to the Oyos ?. Anybody with a little knowledge of history will know that the claimants of such a credit are either ignorant or dishonest.
As already stated above, Modakeke has defeated Ife in war four times–twice in 1849 and twice in 1882. Modakeke has also sent Ife into exile cumulatively for
17 years–for five years in the first instance (1849 – 1854) and for 12 years the second time (1882 – 1894). The Ifes were eventually allowed to return to
their homes each time. A gesture that has no equal in history. When Rome destroy Carthage, it was total. When Ibadan routed Ijaye, it was complete. But when
Modakeke sacked Ife and drove its inhabitants into exile they(Ifes) were later allowed to return yo their homes. Such humanity has no parallel in history of
It is a great iriny that the weakling now dons the garb of the kingpin. It is amazing that the vanquished are now dictating terms to their conqqqqqquerors.
It is at this juncture that the question appropriately arises – Who is the ingrate? The Oyos fought their wars for them, helped them to secure their
boundaries; permitted them to return from exile unconditionally; liberated those of them captured as slaves and related to them as friends and brothers
thereafter. But how did they reciprocate? By bribing Colonial Administrators to disband Modakeke: by grabbing the farmland and other possessions of its
inhabitants before they returned; by laying cclaim to everything that belonged to the Modakekes and insisting on introduction of Isakole. Who is the ingrate?
If the Modakekes had been as mean and vicious as the people of Ife, there would have been no place known as Ile-Ife on the surface of the earth today.

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