Military Victories Over Ife

Military Victories Over Ife(

As Modakeke started to flourish, the Ifes started plotting its annihilation because they harboured a
deep-seated antipathy for Oyo-speaking people. By September 1849, they found an excuse and
launch an attack on Modakeke. They were repulsed with heavy casualties. After receiving
military assistance from Oke Igbo, one month later, the Ifes launched another attack. They were
not only beaten back but were also dislodged from their homes. Ifes was sacked and all its
inhabitants, including Ooni Kumbusu, went into exile. They escaped to Oke Igbo, Isoya, Ifetedo,
etc. Many of them were captured and sold as slaves. Bashorun Ogunmola’s intervention brought
them back to Ife in 1854 after a pledge by Ooni Kumbusu to keep the peace.

Twice in 1882 during the Kiriji war, hostilities broke out once again between Modakeke and Ife.
The Ifes were worsted as usual. Many Ifes were again captured and sold into slavery while the
rest of them including the reigning Ooni Derin Ologbenla escaped to Oke Igbo, Itajaaro, Isoya,
Iwara, Iloro, etc. They were in exile for 12 years (1882-1894). That is to say, between 1849 and
1894 (a period of 45 year) Modakeke vanquished Ife in war four times and sent its inhabitants
into exile twice.

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