Political offices and Patronage


In this as in other areas, Ifes have displayed innate selfishness and unfathomable.
greed. The UPN administration of Chief Bola Ige in Oyo State allocated many
political offices to Ife area. These included a Commissionership, Board
memberships, Board chairmanships, a bank chairmanship, etc. Virtually all the
offices were shared among Ifes even though they are a minority in what used to
known as Ife Division. The story was the same in the days of the Action Group
and under the various military administrations that we have had. But for retired
major-General David Jemibewon (who as Military Governor of Oyo State
appointed Mr. Abidoye Babalola from Ipetumodu) and Dr. Omololu Olunloyo
( Governor October-December 1983 who appointment late chief Oloyede from
Modakeke) as Commissioners, appointment to this position has always gone to
Ifes alone. On award of scholarships by the Local Council, the pattern was the
same. It was Ifes alone monopolizing all opportunities. As a result of these
deprivations Modakeke started looking for a way to detach itself from Ife. It
was after a tooth-and- nail struggle that Modakeke opted out of the same
Electoral Constituency with Ife in 1976. Again it was an epic battle before
Modakeke succeeded in ensuring that it was not to put in the same local
government area with Ife in 1989. This separation has brought about relative
peace in the last eight years and the Ooni of Ife Oba Sijuwade has himself
attested to this fact. The puzzler then is why any human bring would now embark
on the futile objective of turning back the hands of the clock by insisting on a
marriage of compatibles.

In the long history of the old Ife Divisional Council only two indigenous of
Modakeke had the opportunity of being its Chairman. The first was the late Chief
T.O. Oloyede who was appointed by the Regional Government of the first
republic was quickly eased out after one year. The second was Mr. Ladun
Oyemade who was popularly elected in 1976 but saw hell in the hands of Ifes.
Since there were no political levers to pull to get him replaced with an Ife man, they
resorted to breaking into and rampaging his office to make it impossible for him to


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