Summary of conflict

             Summary of Conflict (
1. In 1957 the Modakeke community commenced its agitation and struggle for self
determination (ie. Its autonomous local Government separate and distinct from Ile-Ife .
This was so because Modakeke as a community was fed up with a situation where
“Monkey dey work but Baboon alone dey chop”. That is, the autonomous local
Government would put an end to the situation where the Taxes and Due(Revenue
generated by the Modakekes were being used to develop Ile-Ife to the criminal neglect
and detriment of Modakeke Community.
2. The struggle by the Modakeke community for self determination continued till 1978,
when the then Federal Military Government in its realisation and conviction for the need
for separate and autonomous existence for Modakeke and its surrounding villages
partitioned the then Oranmiyan Local Government into three(3) Federal Constituencies,
namely Oranmiyan South, Oranmiyan Central, Oranmiyan North. This Oranmiyan
North was comprised of the seven Origbo township and their adjoining villages. That is
to say that since 1978 Modakeke and Ile-Ife were not in the same Federal
Constituency so there had been peace between the two(2) communities. This was the
time and the reign of Ooni of Ife Oba Adesoji Aderemi of blessed memory.
3. In 1989 the then Federal Military Government in its realisation and conviction of the
need for separate autonomy for Modakeke Community elevated the status of these 3
Oranmiyan Federal Constituencies into 3 separate autonomous Local Government with
Modakeke and its villages on one hand,(and indeed the majority over the Origbo’s) and
the seven(7) Origbo township and their villages on the other hand metamorphosed into
Ife North Local Government which identity and the Nomenclature that were maintained
and retained separate and distinct from Ile-Ife until 1996, when the present Military
Government in response to the yearing and aspiration of the people of Nigeria
Commissioned among other committees the Nbanefo Panel ie – Local Government
Reform Pannel and boundary adjustment pannel in your effort to make life more
abundant for all and sundry and thereby bringing your governmental activities to the
doorsteps of every Nigeria.
4. Modakeke Community in its response to the invitation for memoranda from these two(2)
panels presented and defended its memoranda where it among other demands requested
the Nbanefo Pannel to split Ife North into 2 separate Local Government. ie- (1) Ife
North comprising of the 7 Origbo townships and their adjoining villages. (2) Ife North
East to comprise of the six federally recognised Wards in Modakeke and its adjoining
villages with Modakeke as the Headquarters.
5. The Nbanefo Pannel in its realisation and conviction of the need for complete autonomy
and self determination for the Modakeke Community (as the only panacea remedy for
permanent peace between Modakeke and Ife) allowed the wise counsel to prevail and
without minding whose horse is gored, fearlessly (and in the face of opposition,
intimidation and threat from the Ife;s) recommended that Ife East be carved out from Ife
North with the Headquarter at Modakeke. The Mbanefo Pannel never recommended
that Ife East be carved out of Ife North and Ife Central as manipulated in the office of
the General Staff. What it recommended was that Ife East be carved out from Ife North
only. This is just the Genesis of the present genocide in Modakeke and Ile-Ife. This is
the Crux of the matter. And a proper implementation of the Mbanefo Pannel’s
recommendation is the only solution to the present killings, Which killings are avoidable
in the first instance but because of the so-called sacredness of the Ooni of Ife. At this
juncture we have to point out that If the Ooni of Ife wants to test his popularity or
otherwise in Yoruba land which he purports to represent, let there be a plebisite, he will
realise that he his just an effigy and nothing but caricature of himself who used money to
buy people and the throne(evidence available to prove this).
6. The implementation of the noble and salutable recommendations of the Mbanefo pannel
were delegated to the office of General staff.. This is where the eggs of the present
genocide between Modakeke and Ile-Ife were laid and eventually hatched into a
full blown fowl. It is at the office of the General Staff that series of palace coup were
staged against the peace-loving people of Modakeke and their villages; through the
collusion between some distgruntled and discredited elements in the office of General
Staff on one hand, and the Ife people(as symbolised by the Ooni of Ife) whose stock
intrade is always to fish in troubled water, on the other hand..
7. Instead of the Office of General Staff to progress in finding a permanent solution to the
feud between Modakeke and Ife as embarked upon by its predecesors and as
courageously recommended by Nbanefo Pnnell; the office of General Staff started to
retrogress, and it went ahead to perverse the course of justice, by altering and toying with
the destiny of the people of Modakeke community and their villages; and thereby
making Modakeke a sacrificial lamb to appease the god of Ooni of Ife (The self
acclaimed leader of the Yorubas and the so-called Sacred cow to the office of General
1 Is it not true that the Mbanefo Pannel recommended creation of Ife East with
Headquater at Modakeke from ife North alone and not from Ife North and Ife Central as
Manipulated in the office of General Staff ?.
2.Is it not a truism that seven(7) of the wards from Ife Central were gate-crashed into Ife
East with only three(3) wards from Ife North to make up Ife East ?. Is that the
recommendation of the Mbanefo Pannel ?.
3.Is it not correct to say that the 3 wards of Famia, Oyere 1 and Oyere 2 that are
supposed to be together with the 3 other wards in Modakeke township are still at Ife North
where they do not belong ?.
4.Is it not true that after the peaceful demonstration by the Modakekes that the
Headquarters had to be rellocated to its proper place in Modakeke and gazetted via Local
Government(Basic Constitution and Transitional provision) Decree 1997. Otherwise known
as Decree 7 of 1997 ?.
5.Is it not rational to conclude that the so-called Oke-Ogbo as a purported central
location for the Ife East Local Government Council is all a fabrication to bambooze the
whole of Nigerians(if only not to trample on the toes of Ooni of Ife ?.)
6.Is it not true that the headquarters of the so-called Ife East was initially cited at
Enuowa-Ile Ife to appease Ooni of Ife
7.Is it fair and indeed practicable for the people of Modakeke to now sit at Oke-Ogbo in
Ile-Ife when the Ifes refused to sit at Modakeke the GAZETTED Headquarters of Ife East
Local Government Council?.
8.Is it not true that the Ife’s refused to be represented at a peace meeting summoned by
the Chief of General Staff in Lagos ?. Yes , because of skeleton in their cupboard.
Even if Modakeke people are heads of cattle, does the office of General Staff
expects them to fold their hands without any spontaneous and commensurate reaction in the
face of their being balkanised, maginalised and technical disenfranchisement ?.
In the old system of Ife North-ie. 1989 to 1996 Modakeke and its villages had the
majority over the Origbos. This majority sailed Modakekes representatives through both the
Federal Constituency and the Chairmanship of the old Ife North Local Government
Council. But with the present marginalisation by the Ife’s the block called Modakeke has
now become a farce, a mirrage.
Is this the legacy to bequeath to our children when our forefathers did not leave such
a bequeath to us ?. The answer to this question has to be in the negative by any sane person;
otherwise “cowards die many time before their death but the valliants never taste of death
but once….”.
It is noteworthy at this juncture that no matter, how much a crow is washed its
pigmentation cannot be altered from being black. And history is always there to repeat
itself. During the time of Ooni Adesoji Aderemi 1930 to 1980 Ile-Ife Division
witnessed peace, progress and prosperity. On the contrary the reign of Ooni
Adelekan Olubuse I 1894 to 1910, the forefather(Grandfather) of the present Ooni
Okunade Sijuwade was a complete opposite via-a-vis the Modakeke Community.
Little wonder then that history is now repeating itself on the incubent grandson. Since Nov
1980 that Ooni Okunade Sijuwade ascended the stool, Ife and Modakeke have witnessed no
The unguided ulterances of the Ooni opened the almost healed wounds inflicted by
his grandfather. This resulted in bloodshed and loss of properties between the 2 communities.
So also in 1983; there were loss of lifes and properties so much that the incident made the
1981 incident a child;s play. Funny enough when the peace keeping police officer
advised him that the massacre be stopped as Modakeke people were gaining upper
hands the Ooni Okunade Sijuade stupidly and senselessly cut the police officer short
by saying that since the genocide occured during his grandfathers reign, it was only
normal that it was happening during his own time. Here we are in 1997 There have been
three successive bloodbaths and loss of properties between the 2 communities yet Ifes have
not learnt any lessons. They learnt nothing and they forget nothing, What is always on their
lips is that Modakekes are either slaves or tenants on Ife Land at the very tail-end of
20th Century(1997).Which land ? The Maxim is :”MEMO DAT QUOD NON
ABET” You donot claim or give out what does not belong to you
The Ife’s having sold out their Landed properties cannot now turn around to
claim ownership. Otherwise this will be tantamount to approbation and
reproprobation. They cannot be allowed to enjoy the advantages of 2 worlds ie to eat
their cake and have it ?. no way.
Which Slaves ?. This is far from being true. History is always there to
confirm that the Modakekes were never at anytime been slaveto the Ifes. It is ironic and
indeed a figment of imagination that some parochially minded people could think that they
can now in 1997 enslave their neighbours under any disguise. Even the poor Africans that
were wisked off to foreign Lands have since got their freedom in America, Europe and other
Lands over 200 years ago.
As to whether or not the boundaries between Modakeke and Ife are eaten up, this is
far from being the truth and it is not a gainsaying that the two Communities are separate
and distinct interms of dialect, cultural background and the general ways of life, even
though these differences may be latent to the outsiders.
All the above said and done, we the representative members of the sons and
Daughters of Modakeke here in the U.S with humility and respect are proposing the
following recommendations and suggestions as the only recipe for permanent peace and
progress in Ife Division.
1.To forthwith halt the presently raging massacre between Modakeke and Ife.
3.To advice the Oooni of Ife to dissipate his energy only on the progress and
development of Ife Division as manifested by the Ooni Adesoji Aderemi when he
brought University of Ife to Ile-Ife without which Ile-Ife wouldn’t have been anything
to write home about.
4.To Recognise and properly implement the recommendations of Mbanefo pannel
by properly creating Ife East from Ife North only, with the headquaters at
5.To excise all the present 7 wards from Ife Central that gate-crashed to Ife East
back to their proper place in Ife central.
6. To allow the sleeping dog to lie by putting an end to flip flopping of Local
Government creation and thereby putting together Modakeke Wards 1,2,3,
Famia, Oyere1, and Oyere2, in the same Local Government with Headquarters at
Modakeke. This will definitely put an end to the fabricated lies being peddled
around by the Ooni of Ife and also put an end to the age long acrimony between
the 2 Communities.
We also use this opportunity to enjoin Ooni of Ife to tell the whole world his
fear if Modakeke is granted an autonomy. This situation has been taken care of when
Modakeke and its Environs in goodfaith demonstrated that we are part and percel of
Ife Division and that Ooni is recognised as the prescribed authority by not requesting
our self-determination under the nomenclature of AKORAYE LOCAL
GOVERNMENT COUNCIL. If we are indeed the decendants of
Oodua(which indeed we are) the Modakekes should therefore
be allowed to draw from the fountain(Orisun) of Oodua.
Modakeke deserves a place under the sun.






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