When hell was let loose – Mayhem



The ferocity with which the Ifes barged into Modakeke during the last round of
hostilities amply demonstrated the degree of their desperation. Before the people
of Modakeke woke up to the reality on the ground, flames were billowing into
the skies from not less than 100 houses torched in what looked like a local
adaptation of the German blitzkrieg of weapons deployed and the vast number of
men thrown into the attack on all fronts confirmed that their mission was to
deliver the coup de grace and put an end to Modakeke as an entity. That Modakeke
remains till today is indeed, an act of God. Information pieced together from
various sources later revealed that the preparation of Ifes for the attack was long
very elaborate. The police announcement that they discovered an arms and
ammunition cache in a School in Ife shows that they converted public institutions
to ordinance depots for the purpose of the war. The statement issued by their
communal militia, the Ife Youth Vanguard, clearly confirmed the massive
engagement of nonnatives of Ife as mercenaries. The statement thanked the Ijebu,
Ipetumodu and Ifetedo people particularly the Oyos, Ijeshas and others, who
refused to pick up the gun and fight on their side to leave Ile-Ife immediately “in
their own interest.”
It has also come to light that the Ifes started collecting a ‘development’ levy of
(N50.00) fifty Naira per person from house to house since the beginning of the
year (1997). While the Modakekes were resting their hopes on Government and
the Court of public opinion, the Ifes were stockpiling arms, and getting ready for a
recourse to brute force. While the Modakekes were resting their case on the
nobility of their cause and the pungency of their argument, the Ifes were
surreptitiously and vigorously pursuing the war option. Our surprise is that they
conceived and consummated their war programme over a period of 6 to 8 months
and the security and law enforcement agents knew or did nothing about it. It was
after an outbreak of hostilities in August when the ‘development’ levy collectors
went back for another round of contribution, that the cat was let out of the bag.
They could no longer conceal the fact, particularly from the non nonindiges, that
the money was being collected for the procurement of weapons of destruction.
Guns were also freely distributed on house to house basis and prominent among
those who refused to accept the gun or make further contribution to their war
purse were the Oyos and Ijeshas. This is why these ethnic groups have been
declared persona non grata by the Ifes. So many non indigenes, including
Journalists, have been hounded out of Ile-Ife for refusing to join them in the
mayhem committed in Modakeke. They have vowed to deal with so many
Journalists because any of them that has published the truth as he sees it is their
enemy. Since their cause is squalid and ignoble, the truth has been offensive to
them. They want every media house to operate like the ‘Tribune’ and the Osun
State Radio Station which LT. Col. Obi has been using to further the cause of


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