Nigeria: Ife Plans Full Scale Attack

7 March 2000

Lagos — The use of sophisticated weapons by the combatants in the renewed Ife/Modakeke war has rendered impotent police efforts to quell the clashes between the two warring communities which broke out last weekend.

Already, not less than fifty people have so far been killed in the fighting which has shifted to the outskirts and villages surrounding the two communities. This morning, fighting continued in the suburbs of the ancient city and scared residents kept indoors for fear of being caught in the crossfire.

Even though the police have moved to the boundary separating the two communities, they have been unable to stop the attacks by the warring groups on each other due to the lethal weaons being used by combatants from the two communities.

Police sources informed P.M.News this morning that sophisticated military assault rifles were recovered from some of the combatants. The use of military rifles, more lethal than the ones used by the police, sources said, has been responsible for the rise in the number of casualties recorded so far in the clashes.

It was gathered that the police in some cases had to seek cover when the warriors arrived in hijacked commercial vehicles brandishing sophisticated assault rifles and shooting indiscriminately.

P.M.News also gathered that the police have been unable to reduce clashes between the warriors in the main towns of Modakeke and Ife.

Despite police efforts, there are reports that about 18 people were macheted at Ifewara yesterday with one of them on the danger list.

The outskirts of Ifewara where violence erupted yesterday are Onile Aran, Iyekere, Odo Okun, Ogbnu Agbara and Egbedore.

However, tension still pervaded the Akarabata lines 1, 2 and 3, Lagare areas and Mayfair Urban Day, where people are afraid to come out of their homes.

Meanwhile, the Osun State Police Commissioner, Johnson Nwoye has appealed to the combatants to sheath their swords and allow peace to reign.

The Osun State Government, worried by accusation of insensitivity as the battle raged repeatedly broadcasts statements on its radio station calling on both Ife and Modakeke indigenes to maintain the peace.

However, Ife indigenes have vowed to launch their own full scale attack if the attacks on them by the Modakekes did not stop, even though the President of the Great Ife Movement, Honourable Akin Adetumbi told P.M.News at the Ife City Hall yesterday that they still stand by the instruction given them by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade that they should not carry arms or fight the Modakekes.

At the City Hall last evening, however, scores of Ife youths were seen assembled in a large room receiving training on how to launch reprisal attacks on the Modakeke people who were said to have killed many of them.

Also at the premises of the City Hall, some of the Ife youths were seen collecting petrol from motorists and commercial motorcyclists apparently meant to be used in attacking the buildings of the Modakekes.

The Asiwaju of Ife, Chief Orayemi Orafidiya, who also spoke with P.M.News emphasized that there is a limit to which they could wait and allow the Modakeke militant youths to destroy them.

“We have decided not to retaliate but if this continues, we may not be able to fold our hands and watch,” the Ife Chief stressed.

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