Nigeria: IFE Warns Modakeke On Self Rule

THE people of Ife yesterday described the internal self-governance declaration made by the Modakeke community of the ancient town as “prelude to another round of bloodbath” in the area.

The Ifes, under the aegis of the Ife Action Council, the apex organisation of all Ife clubs and societies in Nigeria, at a news conference addressed by the duo of Mr. Gbenga Awosode and Chief Gboyega Elufidiya in Ibadan stated that Modakeke should be held liable if any fighting broke out in the area again.

At the press conference attended by other executive members of the council, the Ifes vowed to resist any attempt to re-enact the ugly crises in Ife land.

The Modakeke people had on March 1st, 2002 declared self-government, claiming that the Osun State government had failed to create an Ife East Area office for them as recommended by the Olabode George Presidential Peace Commission.

However, Ife in their official reaction to the declaration by Modakeke said under the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria no community can unilaterally create an area office, a local government or a self-government of internal self rule for itself. To do so will amount to treason.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Ifes will not open their eyes and allow any group of people to create another crises within Ifeland.”

“We appeal to our Modakeke brethren to let peace reign and co-operate fully with Ife East Local Government and Osun State Government who have been doing their best to establish the area office.”

“But we must warn that nobody is a repository of threats or force for we shall resist any attempt to re-enact the ugly crises in Ifeland.”

According to them, the Modakekes, including their Baale have violated nearly all the recommendations of the Olabode George-led Presidential Peace Commission on the Ife/Modakeke crises.

“The Modakekes have consistently refused to present their Baale to Ooni of Ife for formal installation despite persistent reminder to them in accordance with the first point of the committee s report.”

“Also while point two of the same report specifically mandated the Modakekes to address the community as Modakeke, Ile-Ife, the Modakeke community has refused to implement this important decision as a community within Ifeland. From their sign posts and various advertisement in media especially outside Osun State, they have consistently referred to Modakeke as a town in Osun State and not as a community in Ile-Ife.”

On the issue of an area office for the Modakekes, they contended that “there have been a lot of misinformation and mis-representation on the issue, claiming that on January 10th, 2001, 18th January 2001, 13th February 2001 and 22nd March, 2001, the Ife East Local Government wrote letters to the state government, suggesting the use of “Oke D.O.” within Modakeke community for the area office.”

They claimed that the Modakeke community “was and still not prepared to co-operate on this issue. In fact, the threat by the community to disallow the establishment of the area office may be the security reason which the state government has considered and which has prevented it from giving a go-ahead order to Ife East Local Government whose responsibility is to establish, finance and supervise such an area office.

“We noted however, that the Baale of Modakeke has continued to violate the 6th point which forbid him as Baale from appointing or installing any other minor chiefs. The Baale has gone to appoint some Baales over some villages in Ifeland but for the Initiatives of Peace Advocacy Committee which was established to settle conflict between the communities in Ifeland, Baale of Modakeke s action would have provoked violent reaction from the other communities in Ife land.”

Mr. Awosode who cited Toro and Oyere villages where the Baale of Modakeke, had appointed Baales said “we don t want bloodbath in our town again because the declaration of internal self rule is a prelude to bloodshed in the area.

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