Nigeria: Ife/Modakeke War: 500 Houses Burnt

Lagos — About 500 houses have so far been reportedly burnt by the people of Ife and Modakeke in the on-going bloody skirmishes in the ancient towns.

P.M. News investigations in the two communities yesterday revealed that the Ifes torched Modakeke’s houses in Egbedore area of the town while the Modakekes torched Ife houses in Lagere and Mayfair area .

The two towns are still boiling as a result of inability of the police despatched there to act accordingly . This has caused the death of at least a hundred people while some have been maimed and are being treated in different hospitals in the state.

At the state General Hospital in Ile-Ife and private hospitals in Modakeke, people who had bullet wounds were seen receiving treatment, while those at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital camp in Ile-Ife were particularly many.

Mobile policemen were sighted by our reporter when he visited the area and they warned him not to proceed further to a particular part of the area, warning that he could be killed.

One of them who preferred to speak under anonymity lamented that “there is no logistic support for us to quell the crisis adequately” and called on government to speedily do this, if it wants the crisis to end.

The Modakeke Progressive Union President, Dr. Wale Fadare in an interview this morning called on the government to intervene urgently before the situation got out of hand.

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