Nigeria: Ife/Modakeke War Osun Gov. Accused Of Backing Ife

By Adeolu Adeyemo In Osogbo, 9 March 2000


Lagos — Modakeke Progressive Union, (MPU) yesterday said that what is happening between Ife and Modakeke is a ‘criminal conspiracy’ of the executive governor of the state, Chief Adebisi Akande and his deputy, Otunba Iyiola Omisore. The union said that was why they have not visited the boiling communities since the ‘war’ began on Friday 3 March, 2000.

The union in a press release made available to journalists in Osogbo and signed by its Secretary, Hon. T. A. Odeyeyiwa, said the duo who claimed they sent mobile policemen to the warring communities, actually only did so to aid the Ife people in what they described as a ‘war of annihilation’ against the Modakeke.

The release pointed out that the policemen sent ignored the Ife people “and their mercenaries while they continued their destruction unabated, but killing the Modakeke with their indiscriminate shooting”.

The union then called on President Olusegun Obasanjo to exercise his powers under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) and other enabling laws by declaring a state of emergency in Osun State.

“Equally, soldiers should be drafted to the troubled zones to maintain law and order as the action of the police shows that they are either against Modakeke or they are not capable of restoring law and order in Ife and Modakeke,” the union said in the release.

“The President should also institute a high-powered Judicial Commission of Inquiry to look into the cause(s) of the incessant crises between Ife and Modakeke in general and the on-going unprovoked war of genocide unleashed on Modakeke by the Ife in particular,” the MPU added.

The release condemned the Governor and his Deputy for their Siddon Look attitude until Monday, 6 March when in a special bulletin on the Osun Radio by the State Commissioner for Information, they claimed that the government was “in constant touch” with the Osun State Commissioner of Police.

Akande wouldn’t have issued the statement, the Modakeke indigenes alleged, “but for newspaper reports of his indolence despite the war of genocide”.

Apparently, Governor Akande was waiting for the completion of the war of annihilation, God will forbid it”, the release added.

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