Nigeria: Modakeke People Plan for Self Government

By Gbenga Olarinoye, 4 March 2002

WORRIED by prolonged neglect by the government, the people of Modakeke in Osun State weekend vowed that they would have self government with effect from March 1, this year.

The community particularly complained of alleged non implementation of the presidential peace committee report on Ife/Modakeke headed by retired commodore Olabode George which recommended that an area office be opened for the people of Modakeke.

At a crowded press conference, acting chairman of the “council” Mr. Yekeen Awopetu stated that “this agitation was without any prejudice to our royal father Ooni Okunade Sijuade and his office.” He said of all the 11 points recommendation by Olabode George committee only the creation of an Area office for them was favorable and remained the only one not yet implemented till date.

“By the grace of god, Modakeke begins its self-rule today. Look at what is in Modakeke. It was all achieved through our sweat. We achieved through our sweat. We have been deceived enough and it is time we took our destiny in our hands,” he declared.

He disclosed that several months after the communal clash between Ife and Modakeke ended, their farmers could not go back to their farmlands for fear of being attacked by Ife youths.

“People of Modakeke are peace-loving people, that is why we asked our farmers to come back home when there was much problem for them,” Mr.

Awopetu added.

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