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akoraye bird

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  1. i pray dat all wat we have withness in our town we shall not see such thing again amen.

  2. Omotayo matthew says:

    I have hope in God 4 city of mdk…

  3. Alex adeniji says:

    I have hope that modakeke that is still going to be better than this

  4. Alex adeniji says:

    I have hope for modakeke that is still going to be better than this

  5. olugboye oluwole seyi says:

    pls i need your assisstance for LGC code i want to use it for NYSC ok quick response will appreciate thanks modakeke oni bajeoooo GREAT AKORAYE .MY NO 07063827271 PLS SEND TO MY PHONE IS URGENT NEED .

  6. Mikail Ilyas says:

    Anywhere u go and u discovered that no single Modakeke son or daughter is there,pls leave that place because it shows that that place is not a fruithful Land.Greatest MODAKEK.MODAKEKE AKORAYE KO NI BAJE

    • Olonade kehinde says:

      Yes bruh all better for we the people of modakeke am always proud to be born out of the great old told ancient town proud to be one of the akorayes (Olonade family born boy)

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